Texas Facts And The Path of Good Shortcuts

Facts and More Facts - Learn From Texas Errors

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Whether you learn these Texas facts or not, whether you appreciate these Texas facts,
is secondary to learning that what we put in is pretty much what we get back out.
If we do not receive what we want more than a portion of the time we want,
we can be certain of receiving most of what we expect throughout life.
The Path of Good Shortcuts is a living path to help yourself.
By doing just as you did yesterday, your results cannot improve,
unless you invested your yesterday improving your own identified results.
"Identified" means knowing in advance what results you are most interested in.
Texas became, physically, such a filthy state thanks in large part to unremitting greed.
You are invited to engage your own Path of Good Shortcuts with a more reciprocal approach.
Invest effort to benefit others. Look to benefit yourself at the same time that you are assisting others.

Please, do not allow your life to be an imitation of these Texas facts. Look to a higher set of standards.
Inside of you, there is a portion of your personality that wants to do the right thing. Let us pursue what's right.
Improving even one single percentage point - in everything you repeat each day - automatically raises standards.

Whether you live in Texas or Vermont, poor stolen Hawaii, or any portion of the country, raise your standards.
Stick to the facts with respect to what you want, and who can help you to get it. Ask for their assistance.
You are warmly welcome to the Path of Good Shortcuts, provided you help the helpless around you.