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The Doctor David Cohen Zen and Naturopathy - Health Does Not Happen Accidentally Anymore

There is no doubt that naturopathic medicine, by considerable margin the healthiest, and safest approach to treating health conditions by utilizing the body's inherent ability to heal, has never been exceeded or equalled by what is commonly referred to as "conventional medicine." As mentioned in Naturopthy I,   naturopathic physicians aid the healing process by incorporating a wide range of alternative methods based on the patient's individual needs, the patient's individual "balance point" of maximum health.

More often than not, we can reasonably expect less pain, less time and effort resolving the issue, less financial cost, less aggravation.

Diet, lifestyle, work, and personal history are all considered when determining a treatment regimen. If you're genuinely tired of paying high medical costs, and sitting in waiting rooms listening to your arteries harden, try the healthier, more effective naturopathic approach. It's been working for thousands of years, and now we have the precision of technologives that enable us to see what needs fixing, ... and without a scalpel invading the human body if it's not absolutely necessary.

It is hoped that the thousands of dollars and hours invested in bringing you so much healthy information will be justified by your making use of these wonderful techniques and tools.
They are created exclusively for human benefit.

For now, we wish you a healthy, happier day and hope you benefit immediately from this page.

To learn more about naturopathic medicine, go to Naturopathy I

How Does Naturopathic Medicine Work?

Naturopathy uses a simpler approach, concomitant with Doctor David Cohen Zen frame of thinking

With naturopathic medicine and natural approaches, including bio-energetic medicine, QRA, Ondamed, Photon Genius, and more, disease is seen as a manifestation of the natural causes by which the body heals itself.  For example, fever and inflammation are viewed as the body's way of dealing with an imbalance that is undermining the healthy functioning of the body.  However, if the cause of the imbalance is not removed, the inflammatory responses will continue, either at a lower level of intensity or intermittently.  This can be the origin of chronic disease.  Healing a chronic disease requires the removal of the underlying cause.  This usually culminates in a return of an acute episode, called a "healing crises" or "reaction," a keynote of naturopathic medical theory.  Following this the condition improves.

Although naturopathic physicians emphasize therapeutic choices based on individual interest and experience, as well as the legal parameters of the state in which he or she practices, they maintain a consistent philosophy.  All have been trained in the basic tools of natural therapeutics, and most work with diet and nutrition while specializing in one or more other therapeutic methods.

After identifying which factors in the patient manifest in illness, the naturopathic physician advises the patient on the methods most appropriate for creating a return to health.  In order to become free of illness, it is often necessary for the patient to make both dietary and lifestyle changes. Naturopathy has, for many generations, relied more upon food as medicine than most anything else.

Embracing the Doctor David Cohen Zen means keeping your mind open, recognizing and appreciating that there is always more,
always another method that another person has used successfully that you have not yet heard of. Keeping an open mind counts among the most powerful of your tools.

The Doctor David Cohen Zen invites you to recognize more of what you are NOT doing, or have not done as yet. Homeopathy or acupuncture are often used to stimulate recovery.  Herbal medicines may be used as tonics and nutritive agents to support and strengthen weakened systems, while specific nutritional agents such as vitamin and mineral supplements and glandular tissue extracts might also be utilized.  Hydrotherapy and various types of physical therapy may be required.  Further, the Doctor David Cohen Zen supports the prime asseveration that it is vital that major emotional stresses be eased to allow the digestive system to function in the relaxed environment required for proper digestion.

Finally, underlying many illnesses is a spiritual disharmony.  This may be experienced as a feeling of deep unease or insufficient strength of will necessary to sustain the healing process.  For lasting good health to be established, this disharmony must be overcome.  QRA, can help you to help yourself by rapidly identifying underlying causes. For the most part, QRA practitioners do not need to be told what is wrong with you. Even if it takes an hour or more, the typical QRA practitioner, particularly those who are truly expert in QRA (hundreds of such practitioners just in the U.S. alone), can find whatever organs and glands are weakest in your body, what that area of the body is deficient or excessive in, and by precisely how much.

That latter bit of info is among the reasons why far, FAR outstrips the value of medical science with respect to chronic issues. Where M.D.'s are the best at acute care, emergencies, no MD who is ignorant of the one-second bidigital test can hope to be a top doctor. Anyone claiming otherwise does NOT have an IQ of 189 and 17,000+ books under their belt. Not a chance.

If the QRA practitioner augments his work with highly-advanced devices such as Ondamed, SpectraVision, even ZYTO, as well as others, the guessing that is done by M.D.'s becomes risible, albeit too often tragically so, because naturopathy requires no guessing whatsoever.

Where medical protocols call for toxic drugs and hyper-invasive surgery, an overwhelming majority of which are assuredly and provably unnecessary, naturopathy engages healing from withing, not least through changes in diet.

Try to realize and understand that most health issues ARE in fact related to diet.
Tiny changes can go a long, long way towards ameliorating or even eviscerating more health challenges than you can likely name.

The Doctor David Cohen Zen is the living mechanims in you that urges you to learn more so that you can live more.
ONLY imitate the people who are consistently, very repeatedly, outperforming you and most all of us. This is a master secret of the universe, and certainly a core reality for any licit practice of the Doctor David Cohen Zen .

Doctor David Cohen Zen Notes Conditions Commonly Benefited by Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine and the many techniques of naturopathy can be applied in any health care situation, but its strongest area is in the treatment of chronic and degenerative disease.  Good naturopathic doctors are, for the most part, licensed primary care/general practice family physicians.  For severe, acute traumas such as a serious automobile accident, emergencies of childbirth, or orthopedic problems requiring corrective surgery, naturopathic medicine is not recommended, although it can contribute to such cases, especially in the recovery phase.

In other cases, such as ear infections and common illnesses with fever, the naturopathic physician addresses the associated pain, infection, and fever of the condition, as well as any related concerns of the patient.  How this acute condition might relate to underlying causes, such as diet, life stresses, and occupational hazards, is also addressed.  The well-trained physician of naturopathy will then usually prescribe a variety of means to deal with the immediate problem.

In the chronic cases, the procedure is different.  Typically, a thorough case exploration will detail the history and nature of the patient's symptoms and complaints, his or her complete health history, and the patient's lifestyle.  Finally, a physical examination and appropriate laboratory tests are performed.  For naturopathic physicians, understanding the patient as an individual is essential when searching for causative factors, particularly in the areas of the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual.

Never underestimate the power of your moods and feelings, beliefs and attitudes on the body's so-called "autonomic functions." these functions are now known and clearly proven to be subject to determinative influence.

After seeking and determining causative factors, the physician will discuss his or her findings with the patient, and an attempt will be made to tie together and interpret the symptoms.  Symptoms usually relate to a central problem that has many manifestations.  As an example, many symptoms can be tied to the effects of toxemia on the component systems of the body such as the immune system, nervous system or circulatory system.  Others may be due to emotional factors, such as a chronic urinary tract infection when there is a history of sexual abuse.

Finally, dietary factors are determined and appropriate changes are recommended.  Any other perceived causes are addressed with either counseling, exercise, or other methods of treatment.

Naturopathic Medicine - Healing the Person, Not the Disease

Naturopathic medicine avoids focusing on disease symptoms; rather, on the causes of those symptoms.  For example, the body has four major organs that assist in elimination; the lungs, kidneys, bowels, and skin.  Most skin diseases are viewed by naturopathic physicians to be the result of excessive metabolic toxicity in the body, forcing the skin to be used as an extra route of elimination.  The skin excretes both water-soluble and oil-soluble wastes through the sweat and oil glands.  Because the elimination of toxins is irritating to the skin, the result is often various forms of skin-related disorders such as dermatitis and acne.

What Is a Naturopathic Physician Trained to Do?

Naturopathic doctors today, particularly those with advanced equipment at their disposal, can provide complete diagnostic and therapeutic services.  As family doctors, many practice natural childbirth (usually in the home setting), pediatrics, gynecology, and geriatrics.  Naturopathic physicians make recommendations on lifestyle, diet, and exercise, and utilize a variety of natural and non-invasive healing techniques.

The current scope of treatments naturopathic physicians are trained in include: clinical nutrition; botanical or herbal medicine; homeopathy; acupuncture; hydrotherapy; physical medicine including massage and therapeutic manipulation; counseling and other psychotherapies; and minor surgery.

  • Clinical nutrition Using your daily diet as a tool of therapy serves as the foundation of naturopathic resolution of metabolic toxicity in the body, clinical nutrition is an ever-increasing body of knowledge that supports the use of whole foods and nutritional supplements in the maintenance of health and treatment of disease.

  • Herbal medicine: Plants have been used as medicines for nearly 200 consecutive generations. Naturopathic physicians are professionally trained herbalists and know both the historical and medicinal uses of plants. With health practitioners like Dr. Cohen in practice, the expertise and technology combined together create a powerful combination for helping you to live longer and live better.

What To Expect During A Visit To A Naturopathic Physician such as Dr. Cohen

A typical office visit with a naturopathic doctor takes one hour.  Your naturopathic physician considers teaching you how to live healthfully to be one of his or her primary goals, so the time devoted to discussing and explaining principles of health maintenance, as well as your medical condition, is one of the factors that sets naturopaths apart from conventional physicians, who often seem to be rushing from patient to patient.

The relationship begins with a thorough medical history and interview process designed to view all aspects of your lifestyle.  If needed, the physician will perform standard diagnostic procedures including a physical exam and blood and urine analysis.  Once an understanding of your health and disease status is established (diagnosing an illness is only one part of this process), you and your doctor work together to establish a treatment and health-promoting program.

With Dr. Cohen, he reminds us that every prescription medicine known to Man has unpleasant, dangerous, or even deadly results. That's why a medical doctor's signature is needed, because it is his or her informed decision that the dangers are outweighed by the need to resolve a supposedly more serious problem.

Some of us believe we've seen more than enough proof that Nature provides us with a host of natural, naturopathic items that work faster, better, and, to the dismay of drug companies, at far less cost... than those prescription drugs.

If living longer and better, healthier, happier and more balanced is your informed choice,
you may benefit enormously from the expertise,
and the anti-drug, anti-surgery, anti-profit attitudes of Dr. David Cohen, based in Brooklyn NY.

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Completely non-invasive, your proof is observed by you just that quickly, and, of course, by whoever is QRA-testing you. This eliminates any requirement for you to accept the word of people with respect to what issues you can remediate on your own, most of the time.

Of the variety and range of resources and tools shared within the Quantum Reflex Method, QRA sits firmly at the top of the list for helping us to correct approximately all of the disorders life hits us with, outside of death itself, of course.

There is a short list of just three basic causes which create most of our human health challenges: chemical insult or physical damage, both of which include foods and non-foods that are ingested, and electrical interference. When you injure the body in any way, the electrical field in that area is disturbed by congregating toxins. ALL healing, all scars, leave toxins behind. The only method shown and proven - let alone for thousands of years in a row - are mudpacks.

Now that you can use QRA to test which substances will best augment the work of the mudpack, targeted nutrition becomes infinitely more valuable than all the medical doctors of the world - even combined together. This is the first health-related technology to prove beneficial approximately one thousand of every one thousand tries.

Combining the world's oldest technologives with the newest, no less than eighty to ninety percent of all humans who encounter QRA are simply and undeniably astounded, because it works approximately 100% of the time.

Often mistaken for kinesiology or muscle testing (both of which can be more accurate than heavy-duty testing machines often rife with side effects), QRA moves beyond guessing and subjectivity in testing, particularly when used in conjunction with biofeedback therapy such as Bodyscan2010 or SpectraVision.

"biofield" is the word you want to get familiar with. Your biofield, the electrical plasma field that covers every millimeter and square inch of your body, determines more than nutrition whether your glands, organs and tissue all and each work properly. Without correct flow of electrical energy, body parts do not nutrify properly, nor can they communicate efficiently.

Human tissue, human glands, human organs, all harmonize by identifiable frequencies, unique from one another yet magnificently synchronized. Each has its own identifiable frequency, making it simple to distinguish from other glands and organs and tissue.

is a comprehensive clinical tool, available in ever-growing areas through trained QRA practitioners. Advanced QRA practitioners, such as Make use of technologives and techniques that systematically "peel back the onion skin" as the client works through the basic, and easily-accomplished steps of focusing not only on the physical body but also on the innate healing abilities of the body. These steps are foundational in order to recover from chronic illness. And they are vital if you are determined to reach a higher level of health.

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