The Path of Good Shortcuts welcomes you into your most self-empowering journey,
The Path of Good Shortcuts   with  The Wizard


Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts is out to electrify you.

The Path of Good Shortcuts, is actually several hundred web sites,
each designed to empower you to empower yourself.

The Path of Good Shortcuts of countless masters, millionaires, champions & billionaires,
has only one function and purpose:
Getting you there faster.

244,000 pages filled with "EyeCandy" (eye candy), and PowerGems.

Whether or not you're bright enough to understand it, and use it,
one fact is unchanging:
This IS the single most powerful day of your life.

This is the day you shut up and get busy, becoming far more of what you are capable of.

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Unsophisticated and still sentimental, partly for the excellence of the designer,
by which is meant the unknown original creator of this cute javascript.
and partly for how advanced this script was, once upon a time.
One of the first fifty scripts in the Path of Good Shortcuts,
it is still utile in that you have links here to PowerGems.
Every time you can find your way to PowerGems,
you're in for a self-empowering improvement

Why and What - The Path of Good Shortcuts

Health and wealth, that's what you find here.
The Path of Good Shortcuts and Doctor David Cohen Zen have many thousands of byways.
Whether it's a fresh walnut or almond, or coconut, the fruit tastes sweeter when we earn it.
Rather than charge you money, the Path of Good Shortcuts brings you into these byways.
Packed with EyeCandy, PowerGems, Shapelinks, WingRaves and more,
each page contains shortcuts and value to those who look.
We don't always get we want in life, as you may know,
and still, we do consistently get what we expect.
The Path of Good Shortcuts expects more,
more from you and your high potential.
Raise your self-expectations.
PowerGems really do work.
Prove it quickly, now.
Ask more people.

You've reached the world's largest naturopathic website, the Doctor David Cohen Zen,
which may or may not include the right to think of it as the world's healthiest website.
Filled with the wealthiest and healthiest shortcuts of top achievers and winners, the secrets of those who live stronger longer,
it has been designed for your life, with Mr-Shortcut, the Godfather of EyeCandy

The Path of Good Shortcuts and Doctor David Cohen Zen are HUGE
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