Primary Sales Closing Methods of Masters


Whether you sell for a living, or need to borrow sums of money, or simply need to convince someone to help you achieve a pariticular desire, these techniques are, like all PowerGems, universally applicable, instantly useful. In actuality, they have proven to be the most effective tools of assistance in asking for what you want.

There are thousands of books, tapes, and videos on the subjects of prospecting, presenting, and closing. You need not buy a single one, not with libraries and internet resources, schools and, most of all, living masters of their craft. There are thousands of top producers who will happily share their "secrets"
if you only invest the effort of asking.

If youíre smart enough to know how to get people to say "YES" to you, then please show us; donít tell us. If you DONíT know how to get people to say "YES" to you, ask for help or find/create a better plan..
or hush up and use these shortcuts of masters and millionaires..

When you got into hot water as a kid, you certainly sharpened your skills for creatively talking your way out of it, didnít you? Use that same creativity in selling. Practicing in front of a mirror sharpens your selling skills... so does listening to tapes, and taking notes at seminars, and reading books from Elmer Wheeler, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Roger Dawson, and so many others.

Stop talking about what youíre capable of doing.   Do it!!

Talk less, do more


If you can create better rebuttals & power statements than those now being shared with you,
please do not tell me: Tell the customers, because they'll pay you more than the company will!!

If you're too lazy to produce your own power statements,
just use the ones that work for those of us who produce..

This particular gem is lighter than many of the others, and still highly effective.
The more times you naturally say a human being's name out loud,
the more important they feel, the more attention their mind extends to your words.

When You Hear An Objection,
agree with it, resolve it and ask

 "Is __ good for you, or is ___ better?"

"No problem -- we can also ______ and _____. Which is better for YOU?"

No matter WHAT theyíre throwing at you, you want to respond with, "Yes!!"
Then, justify the "Yes!"

"I DONíT HAVE TIME." "Yes, Mr. ________; thatís exactly why youíll want to take a look at our super time-saving features." We have consistent reports from MANY of our repeat customers that the _________ we provide will save you valuable hours every month in and month out because _____________.
Is _________ good for you, or would you prefer ___________?"


Thatís EXCELLENT, Mr. ______, because all we ask for you to take a look, and then decide for yourself. Is that fair enough? Great. Friday good, or is Saturday better?



  • Identify
  • Isolate
  • Capitalize
  • Solve

IDENTIFY THE OBJECTION -- "Youíre concerned about ___________, Mr. Thompson?


"Is that the only reason, Mr. Thompson?"

CAPITALIZE ON IT -- "If I can find a way to satisfy your concern about this, Mr. Thompson, can we do business today?"

SOLVE IT !! -- "Great, Mr. Thompson, what Iíll do is ________________. Is that fair enough?" "GREAT! Iíll write this up...."

MORE POWER SHORTCUTS - as expected from YOUR Psychology of Shortcuts

Sometimes when you're making a presentation, the man or lady will ask you a question, such as,

"How much is that?" or "Which system do I have to take?"

These questions are called



No matter what the question is, or what your answer is,
it is IMPERATIVE that you immediately finish your response with a closing question,
such as
, "Isn't that GREAT!!??!!" or "Is THAT fair enough?"or
"When would you like us to install it", or "OKAY?"

Respond to all verbal obstacles with agreement, suggest resolution, and then.. the all-important, literally ALL-IMPORTANT closing question

you will make at least one additional sale for every 10 presentations.


Repeat a good sales closing habit 10 x more before today ends.
Pick a good habit that you DO have, any one at all.
Repeat it more than you ever have before !!

You donít even need to take the word of someone whoís walking the talk; not by any means:


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